Yet Another Blog…why?

There are many perspectives on the fate of the modern day single woman.  Books are written about us, explaining why we are who we are; books are written to us, graciously advising us on how not to be us.  Occasionally, some self-appointed relationship guru actually has neither counsel nor condescension for us.  They merely advise the world to treat us as normal and even go a step further to insinuate that we are the new normal – for now.  Although each perspective varies in its outlook on what will become of the 21st century single gal, there seems to be a common theme that connects each outlook: WE ARE JUST BIDDING TIME.  Even those of us who profess contentment (dare I say…sheer bliss) with our lives are JUST BIDDING TIME. We are waiting to be un-single.  After all, isn’t that the goal of every relationship on which we embark post 25ish…to be un-single?

So, this blog represents one perspective of many.  A single gal in her mid-30s who at any given moment can describe how she feels about her life -where it is and where it is going – using several (most often, all) of these adjectives: blissful, lonely, content, eager, excited, sad, uncertain, fulfilled, unfinished, appreciative, passionate, bored…

I am certain un-single gals can not identify with any of this.  After all, aren’t single gals the only complicated human beings whose days are spent balancing one’s contradictions?

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